Top 3 Tooth Pain Remedies

Having a toothache is one of the nastiest kinds of pain, because we cannot apply any kind of cream or lotion to diminish the pain, likewise in any other pain. However, we can come out of such unbearable pain by using some home remedies; for that you just need to explore your kitchen room and check out some tooth pain remedies. There are various types of remedies present in your kitchen, which work effectively and remove the pain. However, always remember that if even after applying the tooth pain remedies, you do not get relief then immediately consult a dentist. Now, let’s check out the top 3 tooth pain remedies:

Slice Of Onion

Onion is a good antibacterial vegetable which has the capacity to destroy the oral bacteria and stop the tooth pain. Therefore, if you find harsh tooth pain, then take one slice of onion and just put it on paining tooth. Bite the slice so that its juice will release on aching part of the tooth. After every few hours change the onion slice and repeat the process. Do this 3-4 times in a day. This home remedy will definitely take you out of the pain in some days.

Garlic & Rock Salt

Usually, gum diseases and tooth decay cause extreme tooth pain. All these diseases occur because of the availability of germs in the oral cavity. However, with the help of Garlic you can fight against the germs and get relief from tooth pain. For that, crush the garlic clove and put some rock salt in it. Then place the mixture on aching tooth and bite the mixture. After every few minutes, bite the piece of garlic to get its juice. Repeat the whole procedure for 2-3 times in a day.

Bite a Lime

Vitamin C is very effective in protecting our teeth from various tooth clays and dental problems. Therefore, bite a piece of lime if you are affected from toothache. Until you don’t get relief, do not take the lime piece out.

You can easily get the above-mentioned remedies at your home and take a good care of your tooth if it is only a minor pain. However, consult a doctor if the pain is just too much.

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